Changed Thinking, Bigger Dreams

Lots of expectations, Lots of dreams, Many not fulfilled but they keep on increasing.I don't know when will i be satisfied, don't know when will i stop expecting from myself. Am i asking a lot , am i trying to push myself more than required. I want to achieve many more things in life. Yes i want to, seriously I want to.

I don't know for how long but currently i am working on a networking project with a amazing and a very helpful team. Networking has been my interest but there are times when i feel free and wasted and the wandering mind thinks of many many things which i would like to do. I see successful people and i wish i could be more successful than them. I want to learn many new things. I've planned a lot about how should i go about them but currently i am finding it difficult to execute the plans cause of lack of time. There was a time when i use to waste a lot of time without bothering about its importance. I sleep less these days and very often i miss the 25th hour of the day. A teacher told me that when i feel short of time its only then you realise its importance and start utilising it properly.

I don't want to be one who is going to be happy with the way life takes me cause i want to achieve more. I've started having bigger dreams and try to put some effort towards it. Two months ago i was happy and satisfied with all i have had in life. An Engineering Degree, a job , What else ?? It made me proud, it made me relax and above all it made me happy (What the F*ck). Today it sounds a bit foolish.Its just 2 months and my thinking has changed. The hunger has increased, Dreams have increased and it keeps me going, keeps me going at a better pace, it doesn't allow me to relax much.

Thanks all the people who gave me their time. I think the discussion with some people helped me to change my thinking. I am no more a satisfied person and i have started working on my interests. Its 1 A.M on a weekend and i still want to work, i don't know how far will i go?, but at least i wont loose any hopes and will continue taking steps towards my dreams.


Rashmi said...


There's a Blogcamp taking place in Pune next month. The registrations have already started. Take a look at their wiki and add you name to it. This is a good platform to discuss about Blogs and Blogosphere.


The Poiriers' Blog said...

Great Blog. It's good to see that I am not the only one that feels that way about life. Fight the Fight brother!!


Daman said...

I will pass out next year and will face it all.. really scary stuff for engineers..

Rashmi said...


There is going to be a Blogcamp in India on 16th of June. Around 250 bloggers will be taking part in the event.

This is what they say on their blog: "The way unconferences work is that, you don't have an agenda, rather we will put up a white board, where participants will themselves add the topics they are interested to speak upon. Depending upon the number of speakers we will go for multiple threads. There will be some intense discussions, we will have a lot of fun and yes there will be blogging, video blogging, photo blogging, podcasting ... everything under the blogger sun."

The registrations have started. We are planning to have 250 participants from all over the country. There are some people taking part virtually, using youtube, slideshare, skype etc. if you are interested please add your name to the wiki.

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Anonymous said...

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keep blogging..

Gaurav Agarwal said...

honestly impressive ... amazing ... thought provoking ... self-realization in style n flavouring words in abundance ...

i too hav started blogging recently .... view

gauravbrills said...

Rightly said ... the bar always shifts a bit higher ...and the planks of ambition and expectation always lay in perfect imbalance ..

nice thought dude /...

Cheers !!!

Shweta said...

A very motivatng post. Reading this post really gave me inspiration to go forward & dream big & try to achieve the impossible.