Budday Wishes

Everyday we ask many things from Almighty. We trouble him for all our wishes, sometimes irritate him with our crazy wishes. We trouble him the most on our Birthday and this makes him realize that he did a big mistake by sending us on this mother Earth. Whether he blesses us by fulfilling our wishes or not, we still keep asking him (No doubt we are greedy). So looking at the people with their everlasting hopes from him, even i plan to write what all things i want this Birthday and from this year.

Born on 7th September, I don’t consider 7 as a lucky number like many others. I believe Luck doesn't come your way without any efforts. Last 1 year was just fine for me though it didn’t end well. I think i have changed a lot in the last 1 year. I don’t bother much about the things around and i don’t expect much from others resulting in less disappointments. I hope next 1 year is better than the last cause i consider it as more important year for me.( this thing is repeated every year ).

Anyways talking about the Birthday wishes this year, i would like to mention things which i want this year.

I Want
1> I want to see end of Terrorism . i want all the terrorists to die out of a Blast occurring from their Nokia Batteries.
2> I want Kareena Kapoor to get an award, an award for the most senseless person in Bollywood and Shahid Kappor should praise her saying that she deserved it.
3> I hate remakes but i want to see only one remake. Remake of DDLJ in which Simrun should try to catch the running train in the Climax but dies out of a Train Accident.
4> I want all Hindi News Channel to end and agree that though they were worst but still were Sabse Tez (Fastest).
5> I want Himesh Reshammiya to win an award for the Best Singer and he should reveal that his inspiration has been his Dog Anu. (Name given to honour Anu Malik )
6> I want 5 Friends to start Blogging Ashish Giri, RaviBhushan, Ashok , Shweta and Bhavesh. It was after reading Bhavesh's Blog ( which has ended now) i got inspired and started Blogging. So Guruji please start Blogging again. :)

I Don’t
1> I don’t want any Gay friends this year. Does that mean i already have one ?
2> I don’t want India to win that 20-20 World Cup. Do i really need to ask this from God ?
3> I don’t want to have Coffee with Karan. Equivalent to having a Gay Friend.
4> I don’t want to find True Love this year. Not yet responsible enough
5> I don’t want to Kill any human Being nor any Politician or animal.
6> I don’t want to write any more points following this cause there is a power cut again at my place. So i don’t want many power cuts this year. They make me helpless.

After all these crazy wishes and power cut, its time to stop, stop troubling God. On a serious note if i get the above things i will be satisfied and if i don’t , i won’t be much disappointed nor will I complain but their is one thing that i want this year, only one thing that's Courage. Ya Courage so that i can fight for the right and achieve what i want . Just give me some Courage God and rest I will achieve myself. So Courage is on High priority while other things are on low priority (Reminded me of rally Defects. Forget it, nobody will understand)

In the next 1 year, i plan to improve on my interests (Programming, Writing, Singing and start reading) and for all you people reading this , do visit this place to read about my Game of Life, improvements and a bit of success which i expect this year.

PS : To all friends : I doubt there will be any party this time but still i have the COURAGE to accept all your Gifts. :)


Ankit said...

nice thoughts...
and a happy bday to you...:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday once again!


C R D said...

very humourous and engaging.. happy bday belated btw [:)]

Nags said...

belated birthday wishes. and thanks for dropping by :)

Rakesh Sukumar said...

belated happy birthday..nice thoughts..and nice execution too..drop by my blog... http://www.insomniac-at-work.blogspot.com

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

cool post :)
you have pretty thoughts and you are quite articulate :)

errr... a little late but happy birthday :)

Di... said...

belated happy birthday. thanks for commenting on the blog. naah i`m not new to the world of blogging. i have just made a lot of blogs and deleted them in the past. i keep coming up with a new one after some time.

Shweta said...

It was eally very hilarious. Had a good laugh while reading it. I just hope this year all your wishes com true.