Remembering Friends...

This is something which i wanted to write a month back. I am Happy i have got some time to remind you all that you can take everything away from me but not my pleasant memories, my pleasant memories with all my friends. My main motive behind this post is to take everyone to the days when we enjoyed a lot with all our friends but today we all miss them. We don't know where they are but we hope and pray that they are happy, may be happier than us cause they gave us such a wonderful time. Without wasting much of your precious time , allow me to take you all to this trip of heavenly time. A time which each of you might have experienced in your life and most of you might recollect those pleasant memories while reading this post.

I want to remind a few memories which i remember very often in my free time and laugh at them. I will remember them throughout my life. I refer to all my friends and i hope they are listening.

Remembering School Friends

My Friend do you Remember those early mornings in school where we use be so neat , clean , Nails cut, Hair trimmed with full of sticky oil. We use to run all around and blowing smoke from our mouth in winter.

Remember those Days when we use to play Kho-Kho, Chupa Chupi and roam around in the entire town so that we can get 8-10 vacant yards for our pitch and more importantly 3 stones so that we can start with our Gully Cricket which we considered more important than all these International matches. If you cant remember than let me remind you that i hit you for 6 sixes in your over.. :P( Now Ur memory must be on track). Do you recollect the name of that lady who use to shout at us and doesn't allow us to play disturbing her afternoon sleep. She was a spoil sport.

Or Do you remember how we made Manja so that we can fly kites and i hope you are still aware about i use to cheat in marbles. I remember that I owe you 7 marbles , when are you returning them?. We always sat together and never bothered how we appeared even then we were liked by every other Girl. Let me tell you one thing my friend , Today girls have lost their Taste. Do you remember how we returned from school with half shirt in and half out cheering Hurrays as if we were the happiest and got out of a prison. Or Do you remember those 25 paise which made us fell like the richest person on this planet and we use to think for hours how we will spend it. Do you remember We always completed our note books together but today i am alone writing this post cause i am missing you. I hope you are happy.

College Friends

My Friend Do you remember when you met this idiot , who din't even talk to you, who just kept quite waiting for you to start. Can you recollect those days ?? Yes, yes the Days when you saw this 6 feet guy who is so senseless that he always has full sleeve shirt with half sleeve folded.
Remember those Days when we bunked and watched a flop Imran Hashmi movie " Jawani Diwani" only to watch that serial kisser.
Remember that you dint even correctly spelled my GF's name and i corrected you so often. I always told you that she was the sweetest but now i know that she was also senseless. We left each other. I hope you are convinced. OK, ok she left me cause i cant spend money on her. Who Cares!!
Remember those days when discussed who is better Sachin or Lara and we concluded that Sachin is better. Now I have changed my opinion, i like Lara more than Sachin. She was hot in Partner and we are not Gay to Like Sachin.
Remember that we had the same crush and all the trouble we took only to get a glimpse of her.
Remember how we typed our 1st C program of "Hello World" without even understanding the significance of "void main() and getch() with a semicolon"
More importantly you will always remember those days when there use to be a waiting list for a CD of sex videos. After all the Patience in the world we use to get the Cd's and we use to get annoyed saying " Yeh toh pehle se hi Dekha hai " ( Seen it before ). Our patience was all wasted. Remember those days when a Vada Pav filled our stomach with lunch. Remember those Assignments, Diagrams, submissions and photo copies etc etc etc.

You supported me, you wiped off all my tears, you told me that you will be always with me and you always said that "Friends are Forever ". Where are you My friend?
What made you leave me ?? Are you listening ??

Life is such a Leveller. We take birth, we make friends, we earn money, we try to spread a bit of happiness and finally we realise that nothing is permanent and we loose everything and we are all alone fighting with our loneliness.

I might not be able to post anything before Diwali. Happy Diwali everyone. I wont say you to be cool, be neat and stay safe. These all you come across regularly from music channel Hot VJ's and their advice will make more effect than mine.
I don't have anything else for you on this Diwali other than a few advices
Be Logical, Be practical, Be Gutsy and be honest and quick. Chase the success unless you achieve it. Happy Diwali once again. Have a safe one.


Weekend Warrior said...

Nice one Preetam. Brings back those nostalgic moments of school/college life.

champ said...

Well said preetam, everyone has that kind of moments. Thanks for sharing them with us. It seems that you write one post per month. Good one, Another thing I want to know, tell me how to add that black background. Waiting for your comments on my page:

rOhit said...

nice one.. brought back all the ol' good memories..:)

Santosh said...

U right great buddy.. Simple and touching.. Would like to read a book from u.. The paragraph " Life is such a leveller.. " proves ur understanding towards life.. 2nd pic is awesome...
A Silly question
Why did u add 2 naked children in the 1st pic??

Neha Nair said...

OH no... now you got me too emotional. Life without friends..sheesh ...i wanna get back wid all of them ... the same old times.. stayover.. n all those crazy thinks we did.. thanks for refreshing it.

Mystery Woman said...

Funny, I was just thinking of old friends last weekend and I miss them a lot. There are some childhood memories that are precious to me, although there aren't very many. I use to have this one friens, Tiffany. She taught me to ride a bike...I don't know this post just brings back memories...good ones

Cold & Silent..... said...

ppl say the best is yet to come....
bt nothin comes close to the innocent sweet life as a child.........
we only get uglier as we grow..some phsically...some mentally..

Anonymous said...

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stephan said...

its really nice

obviously frnds are the people with whom we share our personal things and at times when we miss them we really feel bad

its gud