All Work and No Play

Ooooooofffff!!!Its been a hectic,very hectic time in office these days. I mean spending 15-16 hours sitting in front of the system unaware of the outside world with a bubble gum in the mouth is not easy. Home remains a place just to sleep. Before joining work, i used to think how can i use my time in the better way. What can i do after the office hours but these days i am so much lost in the work that i forget some basic things at times like

1>I went and sat at the desk of some other person and it was only when i was unable to unlock the PC i realised that the desk is not mine
2> Went to my Team Leader for some work and when she asked my about it, i was confused why actually i went to her, i felt totally lost
3> Worst was when i was involved in some calculation of my code and there was a need to call a friend, i dialed the answer of the calculation and got connected to wrong person.
Never thought i will be that stupid but i guess its the work which has started getting over me and may be very soon i will go totally mad and who knows lost in my own world, i might even land up in the ladies washroom without realising it.

With time the responsibilities have increased but i personally feel that its increased at a high pace , though i will accept everything that comes my way but there are times when i feel that "I need Life". Not sure when will i get it. Somehow i have managed to attend my music classes this weekend. But trust me, even there i was unable to concentrate cause my brain was
tired.I dont mind working and i enjoy it but anything in excess is bad. Being a Sunday, i am in office and managed to get some time out and write this small post. I feel that Dogs have a better life. Did i actually study all these years that i will not even find some time for friends. Friends !! Who ??? ;-)

PS : To all friends > Sorry if i haven't replied to your calls, mails and messages, you all know the reason now.


Barathsingh said...

Well..Good one!


Ilyas Kazi said...
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Ilyas Kazi said...

The same thing use to happen with me in my earlier days... Now I have learned to manage my task as per time management.. Now I have 2 offs per week... You too will learn soon......

Anonymous said...

hey preetu, nice blog, u r still a mindblowing writer ;) talu