Golden words of Friendship

While I was returning home after a bad exam,disappointed, depressed, failed even to cheat damn, and on top of that confused whether i will get time to perform better in the next.Suddenly i heard a sweet voice

O Preetamm...
She looked like an angel even though she was in black, with a priceless smile and deep eyes to die for which blew away all my depression and brought a smile on my face too.
Hey hi sup ??
Nothin much, how was ur exam ?
It was good.. :-)
Gr88, You see i told u that it will be good. But why u seemed confused.
Me, when ?
Before i called u.
ohhh Actually nothin specific.
There is something right ?? can you share ??
How can i share with you that i had a bad exam, that too when i promised you that i will work and prove something. How can i share with you that i had a bad exam, even after you woke up early just to wish me luck, How can i disappoint you ?? How can i ?? Suddenly i realised that i had to give her a reason and i had to say something.

hmmmmm Actually i was confused about friendship.
Friendship ??
ya , it is something, which you might not understand.
Why ?
Actually it will take me long to explain you, so leave it.
Temme in short.

She stood adamant, and was eager to know what was my confusion all about ?
Before she could catch that i was actually lying to her. i had to come out with something which she might believe.

OK, i ll tell you in short.. Lemme ask you one simple question.
How much do you rate me as a friend ?
What ??
How much do you rate me as a friend ??
Hmmmmm, wait , as you said , i wont understand, first you answer me the same question ?
I asked first,
So why cant you answer first.
Ok, lemme think.......
hmmmmmmm i rate you 10/10.
Kewl... but why ? what was the thinking about ?
Cause you have been a good friend. No more questions, you answer me now.
ok lemme think
She seemed a bit confused , at least that proved that i was successful in lying to her by hiding that i had a bad exam.Finally she spoke ,
As you said that i wont understand,
may be you are right, i don't have any number through which i can rate a friend.
(I felt so important) I don't know much about friendship my friend, but according to me, Friends cant be rated. I never make friends thinking that this person will be better than my existing friends. How cheap is it to rate friends or for that matter rate any human !!
When i saw you confused, i thought it might be cause of a bad exam. i thought i will give you a new hope for the next exam but by asking me such a question you actually disappointed me my friend.

I was left stunned. I had nothing to argue, her eyes said that she believed in each and every word she spoke, once again i discovered that i am bad at lying and disappointed her and i must be sorry.

I am sorry, actually i agree with with you, friends cant be rated, was stupid to ask you such a silly question, may be my brain needs rest.
Its ok, don't be sorry mate, i can understand (and she smiled, gave me a sigh of relief).
Thanks! (Good she dint understand that i actually lied initially).
Can i ask you something?
Whom were you lying to ??
huh ??
To a friend who understands you,
Oh no, Caught again ??
Study harder for the next exam , and prove yourself.Wish you luck. Remember You can't get away by lying to friends and do remember the golden words of friendship "Friends cant be rated".

Suddenly there was a Krazzy4 Tune played in background. It was my alarm tune and i finally woke up. Woke up with a new hope, woke up with a new lesson, woke up with a new thought that "Friends can't be rated".


Rashmi said...

Hey Preet, that was a kewl thought !!!
"Friends can't be rated".
I got one more
"There is no third person in friendship"
Great thoughts come from great people.. Don't they ?? ;-)

manorath said...

hmm.. good take on friendship

Medulla Oblongata said...

warm...nice 1.

Preetam Adwani said...

@ Rashmi
Agreed Rash
When Great Thoughts come from great people, they become part of great blogs but when great thoughts come from stupid people they are always found in comments..

@ manorath @ medulla

Anonymous said...

you have good ideas, that you put into action. I never would have thought that you write about a dream as I started to read.u surprises the reader with a perfect end. i allways tell u u should start writing professionally.

vince said...

Women will know. Don't lie unless it's been planned properly.

My .02


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Planet Atul said...

Excellent post..

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viyoma said...

Wow....nice post...n very true..u cant lie to ur frnz....

al said...

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