The Stage was set.

It has been long when I last addressed a crowd. I have always liked to share my experiences if I feel I can make even a small difference. My music class decided to have a music show on the occasion of Guru Poornima. It was my first, it was the 1st time I ll be playing music on stage. This shoow also gave me an opportunity to share my views on what has been my experiences and I was never gonna miss it. I did prepare a speech and rehearsed it couple of times so that I can leave at least a small impact. The time arrived, the stage was set, i was feeling a bit nervous before i actually started.

Good evening Everyone.
I am Preetam Adwani, I always wanted to learn music but I never knew when. I was actually waiting for the right period to come. A period when I can dedicate some of my time to this subject called Music. It was difficult, initially it was highly difficult to find a music class. I remember roaming on the streets of pune during my office hours searching for a music class, but nothing satisfied me. I was lucky enough to come across Achievement Classes ( my music class) or u can call me a fool who had such a good class nearby and I was roaming on the streets of Pune city .

Music has helped me to rediscover life. Life was not good when I actually started learning but today I am very happy standing here.

I would like to mention a few things

1st (Looking at my music teacher) Thanks to Sir, Thanks a lot for your patience, I guess it was absolutely necessary for a slow learner like me. Initially we all start thinking Nothing is impossible, when we come across a few obstacles we start feeling few things are impossible and when the difficulty we feel Success is impossible. I guess it was that time when I was finding it extremely difficult to find time to practice my lessons , Sir motivated me and I continued learning and I will continue it throughout my life now.

2nd I deeply admire him for his quality of maintaining a smile. We all come across bad days but Sir has this unbelievable power to maintain a smile even in bad situations. He continues to inspire me and I wish to learn this quality from him someday.

Never take life too seriously, or you will be serious soon. Enjoy it, Carry a bundle of jokes daily and crack them as often as possible. Make friends, fight with them and be friends again. Dont miss an oppurtunity to be naughty, make mistakes, learn from experiences, Fall in Love. Make sure nothing stops you from enjoying Life. Don't do everything for your profit, think beyond it. Life is beautiful but it depends on the person how much he/she enjoys it.

Coming back to Music,
Music has been and will always be an integral part of my life. I hope the same is true for all of you. It multiplies happiness and reduces sorrows, It takes away the worst feeling, the feeling of loneliness away from you. I can't imagine life without music, Life without music, I guess would be a blunder. When I remove music from this world, I see only darkness.

I hope all of you are enjoying the show, I hope all of you continue to do the same, I hope all of you take away some good things from here, infact I gurantee you will. Thanks for bearing me, Thanks everyone.

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