Happy Birthday Preetam!!!

Finally the day has come, Was I waiting for it ? No. How do I feel ? Normal, seriously I m not feeling special as others do on their birthdays. How do I plan to celebrate ? I doubt I m gonna celebrate. Sounds boring ,doesn't it?. I am in office currently and plan to rush from here to my music class. I hope my teacher gives me the notes which I have asked him from quite a while and I am eagerly waiting for it. That would be great birthday gift for me.

I did sleep early last night as I forgot for some time that 7th is coming and I might get some calls after 12. When I woke up in the morning and I saw a total of 20 messages and missed calls I realized that 7th has arrived. Happy birthday Preetam. Happy birthday for surviving one more year which involved quite a few professional and personal issues. Thank God the year is over and I hope with it even all those issues are gone from my life forever.

I am still wandering why did I start writing and what should I write about ? I am not even sure whether I am going to publish this post or it will remain unpublished and remain in my documents like 10 such posts. Should I write about my birthday wishes ? Na, not many wishes this time like last year. I just wish a year in which I can live upto the expectations of others and don’t disappoint anyone.

So what does this birthday means to me? How was my last 1 year ?How do I plan to make the coming year better ?
Birthdays has brought mixed feelings for me. This day I do look back at the last year and figure out things which dint go well and how can I make the coming year better.

Last year was not that good and there are many reasons behind it. I wont disclose them. Frankly speaking I would like to forget it soon and move. In the next year fresh and full of energy. On the financial front last year was quite good as I learned how can I earn more than being happy with my job earnings. Made some good friends though I think I am still lacking reliable friends or may be I still expect more from friends.

About the next year i cant promise much to myself. Its not like I have not planned but a few of my planned things depend on others. I guess this is one more reason I am expecting some reliability from friends. Actually I am living 2 of my big dreams and planning to achieve them. Out of them 1 is totally dependent on me and I am confident of it. In Next 1 year I also wish to find true love but I know its going to be very difficult. 1st question that raises in my mind is that Does it exist ? Time will say.

Nothing else actually. This is one of those post which I started writing casually as I was having a tough time in office. Decided to leave work and started writing. I hope I will blog a bit regularly. Actually have been a bit busy off late but I am loving it. By the way , I hope along with me even all of you have a wonderful year ahead. God bless.


Ketut said...

Happy B'day Bro....
Wishing a bright future ahead 4 u :)


Mr.69 said...

ur description is nice and neat to read

anyways....happy birthday wishes

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Hope you see a flourishing and satisfying year ahead.


jayanta deka said...

nice blog... happy birthday...!
keep writing....!!
cheers life...!


Anonymous said...

hello friends

send mail to: vettriselvan@yahoo.com

sanjana said...

oh!wish u a very belated birthday!well seems like ur birthday was lyke a normal day haaaaaaaaaaaan???????????????

Abhay said...

belated happy birthday and happy diwali