What are you waiting for?

You were the one who was treated badly without any reason, you were the one who weeped for justice all alone with no support what so ever. You were exploited, lied, fooled, cheated, betrayed and given sleepless nightmares. Your capabilities were questioned by some incapables. You listened to everyone, took all the pain. You thought that someday, it will be your day and others will pay. You thought God is watching and the wrong will pay. But how long are you going to live with your thinking which just gives you hope and nothing else? When will you actually do something for your respect, do something for your rights with which you were born? Do you know that even you have a purpose in life or are you a so useless that you have realized that you are good for nothing?Hats off to you! I feel like kicking you. You are a shame on humanity and you know it yourself. How long are you going to live such a pathetic sucking life. How long are you going to take life for granted? How long, damn it, how long? Your patience is your cowardness! What are you actually waiting for ? Waiting for someone to take you out of this deep hole? People are with you only for a f*cking selfish reason. Nobody is gonna save you cause at the end of the day, you are all alone. Don't worry about the people, balls to them. Listen up , time has come, time has come to give it back, time has come to prove a point, time has come to shut those mouths and seal them forever. Tomorrow don’t complain that life is sad cause you have been warned today. It’s now or never. Time has come to rebel and start a revolution, a revolution which will bring a change in your life and nobody can even raise a finger on you.Wake up, Stand up, remove the dust thrown on you by the senseless and prove them what you are?. Prove your existence, prove a point once and for all. Its your time to turn the tables and nobody can stop you. You have to make a difference, a huge difference and get counted. Go for it, chase your dreams and follow your heart and never bother about others. Take a step forward, you can do it, even you know it then what the hell are you waiting for?


Ashok Kadam said...

This post truly inspires and motivates me...I would love to read it again and again....

Yan said...

That was pretty intense, inspiring, to say the least!

I believe when you were writing this you had someone in your mind... or its pretty much the same speech everyone's conscience is suppose to give them when they feel down!

nice post man! keep the keyboard busy!

PS: clicked on your ads ;)

Mayuri said...

yess..no waiting..nw action!!! keep writing!!!

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