Balanced LIfe

From past 1 year, I have changed a lot, I have let myself to ease. I have relaxed, enjoyed and experienced lot of new & better things. I have grown as a human and gone a bit down as a dreamer. But this doesn’t disappoint me much or may be it does but then I have realized that life is not only about struggle, its about fun too, it is not only about dreams, its about sleep too.

I have realized that there is no point in achieving anything at the cost of peace & harmony in life. There is no point working 24X7, if I am missing out on the precious moments with the loved ones. I have always wondered about the purpose of life. Some told me that life is about setting goals and achieving them successfully through a struggle. But what’s the point in achieving all we want and at the end realize that we forgot to enjoy, we forgot to joke, we forgot to party, we forgot to love and we forgot to Live.

We humans continue to be weird. We all want to be happy but we move in a wrong direction. There is no end to our wishes. Money takes priority & we miss out on those special moments. Is life all about that? There is no point in marrying the richest person and not being truly loved. There is no point in staying with the family and still being missed by them and there is no point in continuing to read further if you don’t wish to follow it.

A friend of mine always advised me to have short term goals. It’s easier to have a vision for them based on the current situation. Such goals don’t demand huge sacrifices for long time. Achieve them, cherish them, enjoy them & celebrate them. They bring happiness regularly. Setting long term goals does not make much sense to me now. I feel the longer goals you set the more foolish you are. Short term goals help in maintaining a balance in life.

The more I write, the more you might complain about contradiction to my previous posts. I am not trying to discourage you from your goals but I am just making an effort to help you understand that life is much better than what we have made it. Don’t just chase things, take a breather and make an effort to live a happy , balanced & healthy Life!


MBA ROADIE said...

Nice post..nice thoughts!!

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jasmine said...

Awesome preetam appreciate your thought its beautiful :)

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Awesome one... :)