Typical day in the life of an IT employee

Beautiful Morning

There is nothing much as great as a good night sound sleep but there is nothing as bad as an early morning alarm which spoils it.

He turned off the alarm thinking he will wake up in next 10 minutes at 7:10. He thought, he will compensate these 10 minutes in the bathroom and still manage to reach office on time.

After a while he woke up with a shock.

“Damn! Its 7:30 already” – he said to himself as he dragged his body out of the bed in a hurry.

Beautiful morning, birds singing, everything had a new energy, even the sun trying to come out as an attempt to get a view of it. Ignoring all the beauty, he entered the bathroom. A half brush, half bath and without any tea, he got himself ready and rushed to catch the office bus.

Bus Stop

He reached the bus stop and he did not find any colleagues around. He rechecked the time, he has reached at the same time as he does daily and manages to catch the bus. He was only 2 minutes late. He waited for couple of more minutes convincing himself that the bus was late today. He was relieved to see his colleague Teena approaching the bus stop. Besides getting excited he was also convinced that bus had not yet come.

“I got a call from a friend. The bus has already left” – Teena told him while drying her hair with her hands.

It was a wonderful sight but he got more tensed now. He had to reach office on time for a early morning standing meeting. He has missed the bus today cause the bus was on time.

“Now? what will you do?!” – He asked her so that he can find a resolution of his sad state.

“Lets share an auto” – She suggested him with a mean smile ( She wanted to save by sharing)

“Sure” – he smiled at her gesture of sharing an auto with him.

She too returned a smile.

With true & fake smiles all around, both left in an auto.

Travel to Office

As time passed in the auto, he tried to think of topics to break the silence but she was continuously busy on the phone.

So he decided to show off a bit and decided to call some random friends and talk on his phone. He spoke some big things in the air and kept an eye on her to see if she notices anything but she din't.

More Time passed, now he got tensed as it was taking longer to reach office due to heavy traffic and some smooth road on the potholes.

They reached office late but he still wanted to make her feel better by paying more than half.

“Are you sure” – she asked and smiled. (An attempt to make sure that he pays more)

“Yes I don’t have change, so its fine. Have a nice day!” – he replied.

Thanking him, she left quickly. She did not want to be noticed with him. She was just happy that she saved some money.

He reached his desk with a smile thinking it was his day. He was accompanied by a pretty colleague, the day could not have started better.

Office Office

Before he could unlock his machine by entering his password (Teena1234), his manager reached his desk.

“Can you meet me in my cabin”- he said in a strong voice.

“Sure” – He replied and followed the big ugly a$$ of his manager.

“Why were you not present in the standing meeting” – His Manager asked him. He was ready to blast at him , no matter what reason he has.

“I was working late yesterday, I missed my bus in the morning” – He replied in a low tone. He somewhere knew he was cheated by the bus which was on time today but he could not give that as a reason.

“All are working late. All were present in the meeting. It helps the team to know about others work. I want you to work on the ABC design document and complete it today” – The manager ordered.

“Sure, I will do that” – He said Yes to calm the manager down but knew it would be difficult to complete the doc today.

As he returned back to his desk cursing the manager, He was disappointed and knew its going to be a very long day and he might have to sit late at night again.

He logged on to his machine. The 1st window he opened was Facebook. He logged in with his password – Teena_MyL1fe.

He was happy to see 3 likes for his late night status – “Anna Hazare tum sangarsh karo, hum toh office mein kar hi rahein hai”.

Then he went to Teena’s Wall and saw her morning status – “Beutiful mrning, Me & u on phone”. (she referred to a person she was talking on the phone)

He thought that she mentioned him and he liked her status! (By now this silly status had 13 likes as it came from a girl)

Smoking Zone

After Lunch, he went to the smoking zone as usual with his friend - Ashok. No matter how his day is, he gets huge confidence while smoking. While he was smoking, he saw Teena passing by.

"Do you see her?" - He asked ashok and blew a smoke rings to create some special affects.

"Yes" - replied Ashok.

"She is Teena, She likes me" - he told Ashok while keeping his eyes on Teena.

"Seriously? Did she tell you? Why din't she stop then?" - A puzzled Ashok questioned.

"Today i did not come to office by bus as she wanted to come along with me as she likes my company. Therefore i could not make it to silly Standing Meeting" - He informed Ashok and blew more smoke rings.

He threw the remainder of the cigarette down and said

"Standing Meeting - The most boring meeting that puts you to sleep. Hence people are asked to stand by their boss" - He laughed wickedly as he pressed & moved his feet over the cigarette to put it out.


He continued to work on the document. It was getting more and more difficult for him.

At 5 PM

“Please mail me the doc once you complete it” – His manager ordered and left for the day.

He worked under a lot of pressure and completed it by 11 PM. He mailed it to his manager and kept his senior Manager in CC to show people that he was working late.

Back to Starting point

He reached his apartment, was tired to prepare something to eat. It was a tough day and he had to get back to office early morning.

“Its not my day today – late to office, angry boss and so much work” – He told to himself.

He lied on his bed, logged into his laptop and again went on facebook for a daily night dose.

He was surprised to see 2 notifications.

4 likes for his morning status – “I want to be promoted to a Manager. I too want to do employee exploitation”

Teena replied to her status in typical internet slang – “Thks for d like ppl”.

“Its my day today – Auto sharing with Teena, people liking my status & Thanks from Teena”

Suddenly he was happy and he shared a joke on his facebook status

"Aryabhatta was asked to count Rajnikant's mistake, so he invented ZERO".

He checked his personal emails and checked if someone liked/commented on his joke.

There were no comments. He then commented on his own facebook joke - "Rofl".

Happily he went off to sleep & again had a good night sound sleep!!! J


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