The 7 rounds of marriage

Finally the Pundit (priest) asked them to get up and get ready for the 7 rounds of wedding. She was worried, scared and not sure if she was doing the right thing. She did not love him(groom) but was left with no options.
The boy she loved was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer. Everyone said - he won’t survive. She strongly felt that he will be fine but nobody was ready to listen to her or wait. She succumbed to the family pressure and agreed to marry a very well qualified doctor. This doctor didn't love her either. He made her wait for 6 months post engagement for some silly case he worked on. Unwillingly she stood up for the rounds and the 7 rounds began

Round 1 – Round to pray God for plenty of nourishing and pure food
She remembered the way she met him for the first time. How happy he was to have topped the college! He was at the top of the world but he still showed the courtesy to walk up to her and congratulate her for a mere first class. She prayed for his nourishment.

Round 2 – Round to pray God for a healthy and prosperous life
She still remembers the 1st time he asked her out. How he lied to her that all his friends will join them but nobody turned up. He never called anyone, he just wanted to meet her. She prayed for his good health and longer life than anyone else.

Round 3 – Round to pray God for wealth
She will never forget all the crazy things he did to propose her. From a simple ‘I love you’ to well-planned proposal of 'ring hidden in her cup of coffee' She wished lots of wealth for him

Round 4 -  Round to pray God for the increase in love and respect for each other
If ever anyone loved her truly, it was him. He offered his shoulders in her tough times and it will remain with her forever. She continued to pray for him and tears rolled from her eyes.

Round 5 – Round to pray for the beautiful, heroic and noble children
She cried as she remembered the day when he first told her about the detection of cancer. His honesty and how he asked her to listen to family and marry someone else, how he selflessly left her forever.

Round 6 – Round to pray for the peaceful long life
She bursted in tears worried – how he must be? It’s been a year, she has not met him. How he must have lived? Is he even alive? She felt a heavy guilt inside. She felt she was doing a wrong thing. She looked around if she can  do something to stop it.

Round 7 – Round to pray god for companionship, togetherness, loyalty and understanding between themselves
She looked around and her eyes fell on a him. Among the crowd, her eyes found him. Yes it was he, the one she still truly loves. He was among the crowd standing helpless,tears intermixed with his fake smile. She paused wondering if it was he in real.

Groom doctor asked – What happened? We have one more round left.
She asked – He..?
Doc said - He was my patient. Remember, I postponed the wedding as I was working on a special case? He had a rare form of cancer but I cured him and now he is perfectly fine. I thought of inviting him for the wedding.

She untied the knot, jumped the stage, ran towards him, hugged him tightly and cried on his shoulder. She felt the same warmth which she had missed from a year.
They both lived happily forever.

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Shekhar Srivastava said...

You seems to be on a track of becoming an Indian novel writer, Though I was not expecting such an end, it is a good piece of work, also I would have loved the article even more if you didn't ended by just writing "they both lived happily forever" because it seems to be an abrupt ending, all the best for your future.