Do It Now!

There have been predictions that end of Mayans calendar will lead to the end of the world on 21st December 2012. Less than 10 days remaining, one of the questions which i have been asking my friends is 'What is that one thing they would like to do, if the world was seriously supposed to end in few days ?' I got various replies ranging from simple pleasures of life to conquering the world. These replies can be categorized as - spending time with their loved ones, forgiving old friends/lovers and getting back to them, falling in love, trips to some crazy places, achieving dreams and proving a point, world tours and the list goes on. There were some silly replies like - deleting the Facebook account to clearing the browser history indicating how seriously is this prediction about the dooms day for few.

These replies are interesting and they made me think that people have lots of wishes & dreams and they want to do it only if they know that they will die soon.We all know that someday we will leave this world but the trouble is, we think we have a lot of time in hand. We realize that we have decades of life ahead and we continue to be lazy and postpone that one ultimate thing forever.

As children, we had many wishes, we were interested in various things, we dreamt without boundaries & we were always motivated by elders. Everyone around supported us saying that 'Nothing is impossible’. As we grew, the same elders limited our thinking. We are asked to follow the same known roads rather than discover the unknown paths which interested us. We become a part of this rat race, follow some, compete with some, live others life and forget who we actually are and what we actually wanted. We have that ultimate thing in the back of our minds but it keeps fading as days goes by and it remains unaccomplished. We all are somewhere leading a fearful life, playing it safe and avoiding risks.

For most of us life is a boring routine and we don’t get time to do something interesting. We always have time to love, forgive, care & let go but we don’t, may be cause we are not children anymore, we are grown-ups - the perfect ones, bounded by rules created by us, blocking our vision and dreams.

Think about that one thing which you want to do, something which you are holding on from long and waiting for the right day. Believe me, the best day to do it is today! Don't wait more and compromise. Write down that one thing you want, read it every morning and put efforts towards it for the rest of the day. Do it now before it’s too late and your deepest desire fades away leaving you with regrets.

I don't know how much truth lies in Mayans Calendar prediction about the end of the world, but i do know that countless dreams and wishes are dying daily. I strongly suggest you to go for it, make every day count. At the end of life you will have regrets about things you haven't done than the things which you have. The world might not end but the year is about to. Have you accomplished everything you planned for this year? Dreams, goals, wishes, Remember them? A new year is about to begin, let it not be a year of unfulfilled wishes & regrets, do your best every day. Be fearless, make your existence count!